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About me


My name is Victor Winnhed and I am a 27 year-old User experience designer currently (since 2016) working at Valtech_I’m a passionate UX-designer who loves designing user friendly interfaces for any type of device and finding creative solutions to challenging problems. Interaction design, ptotyping and user testing are areas within UX design that I am particularly passionate about. 

What I have done

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Love is in the air

I developed a website for my friends that are getting married this summer. This website was created using HTML5, Less, bootstrap and javascript. I have been using Google Forms to collect RSVPs from the invited guests. Feel free to visit the site



Gloskungen is an iOS application that helps you learn new words and improve your english vocabulary. Enter the words you want to learn and then start a quiz.
I developed and designed this application during the fall of 2015 as a final project for the course ”iOS development for iPhone & iPad”. The application was made using Objective-C & Core Data.


A new parking system

During the course ”User-centered interaction design” at the Umeå Institute of Design we were asked to crate a new and creative solution to find and pay for parking spots. For this project me and Richard Carlsson & Stefan Lundberg created a prototype as a part of our solution. Our main idea was to make it easy to find available parking spots and simply pay for it by using an application for smartphones. The prototype was made using Illustrator and Photoshop.



“HE” is the name of a project that I was involved in during the fall of 2014, we were four people working on this project me, Lars Englund, Anna Palmér & Lisa Sundberg. With HE, our goal was to make art more accessible and attractive for those who more or less never been interested in art before.

The basic idea of this application was to present a specific art theme every month. Then it is up to the user to take a photo that they think correspond to the theme. All the photos are then uploaded to a showroom somewhere in Umeå and projected on a big screen or several small screens. This will attract the users to come visit this showroom to watch there own and other pictures.

The high-fy prototype was made using Photoshop and Axure.



An augmented reality app made for iOS. This was a project made during the course ”Design, build & test” with my classmates Lars Englund & Arvid Bräne.

In spring of 2014 we got in contact with a company called Nord Interactive stationed in Åre, Sweden. They had an idea of making an augmented reality app where you could get information about nearby mountains, forests, lakes etc. They did not have the time to make this idea a reality and therefore asked us if we wanted to create this application.

We did not have the time to complete this application, but we created a working high-fi prototype using photoshop and Objective-C.

"Who are you? Who, who, who, who?" - The Who